I love building things that are useful, solving problems, learning, and working with people. I am very happy that my chosen profession allows me to do those things every day with great people.

My specialty is leading teams, and leading leaders of software engineering teams to design and build modern, secure, cloud-based digital applications for the enterprise.

I work with teams to develop their team design, Engineering Strategy and Engineering Practices, so that they can improve the key pillars of people, technology, and delivery. My approach is to always seek ways to continuously improve and iterate over time – to work smarter instead of harder. To cultivate a supportive engineering culture where talented people are encouraged to speak up, take ownership, and do their best work. Helping people to grow their careers through coaching, mentoring, and feedback is a core part of my role that I enjoy most of all.

Understanding ‘why’ is very important to me. I work with Product teams to understand the value in every piece of work, and where possible use experiments and spikes to realise that value early and remove unknowns.

My core skills have been developed through experience with the tools and I have held various technical and delivery leadership roles at the team and program level since 2015.

My “other job” and main hobby is Pipe Major of the Hawthorn Pipe Band. I created the BeeFlat Bagpipe Tuner to help pipe bands, including ours, stay in tune.

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